GBC ShredMaster-100X Cross Cut Personal Auto Feed Shredder

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A new range of fully automatic paper shredders equipped with long run times (and fan cooling), intuitive
touch controls and anti jam technology. Designed to put time back in your day by eliminating the
cumbersome task of manually feeding your shredder. Simply load the shredder with paper, close the lid
and walk away. The automatic shredder starts shredding while you get on with something else.



  • • 4 x 28 mm Confetti cut, P-4 security level for confidential documents
    • Automatic feed for minimal human intervention
    • Shreds up to 100 sheets from the auto-feed chamber and up to 8 sheets through the manual feed slot
    • Simple and intuitive touch control operation
    • Anti-jam technology automatically stops and reverses when too much paper is inserted
    • Easy to empty 34L pull out bin with viewing window
    • Shreds credit cards
  • Dimensions (mm): H x W x D 529 x 434 x 365
  • 2-year carry-in warranty